Where it all started.....In Paris

Dr Michel Tordjman, a French aesthetic doctor with a particular fascination for cellular biology, founded their laboratory in 1978. He created NCTF, New Cellular Treatment Factor, a unique, injectable solution that corrects the effects of skin ageing and improves skin quality. A unique combination of 59 active ingredients PLUS uncross linked Hyaluronic Acid


Dr Tordjman's innovations were intended to provide dermatologists and medical professionals of aesthetic medicine, with an extensive range of injections, mesotherapy and skincare. 

NCTF 135 ha

Main Ingredient; Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Hyaluronic acid at a concentration of approximately 5mg/ml compensates for the natural loss of endogenous hyaluronic acid and fills in the supporting layer of the dermis. Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, (ability to capture moisture) the gel can absorb up to 30 times its weight in water. 

That is why if you want a more supple and hydrated skin, this is the product for you. Thanks to its regenerative action and beneficial for skin microcirculation, you will be able to obtain instant results; a skin better hydrated, radiant, younger.


Combined with a unique poly-revitalising solution of 55 ingredients

24 amino acids

designed to promote protein synthesis such as elastin, collagen, etc

14 vitamins

(A,B,C,E) to increase stimulation of vital cell functions

6 co-enzymes

acting as catalysts in biochemical tissue reactions

5 nucleic bases

essential for activating cellular transfers

4 minerals 

to reduce skin deficiencies


2 anti-oxidants 

to reduce the creation of free radicals


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