NCTF 135 ha

A New Cellular Treatment Factor with a unique combination of 59 Active ingredients PLUS hyaluronic Acid. CE marked for injection purposes. The cocktail recipe has remained the same since its inception

in 1978. It has undergone many studies and trails and is incompatible to other meso type product on the market. The added benefit is that it can be added with other FILLMED products to give you a true 'WOW' results .

      Skin Perfusion
Hyaluronic Youth Mask (Biocellulose)

This mask is used following treatments to soothe, calm and hydrate the skin. Aloe Vera nourishes the skin and restores comfort.

Clinical studies: + 27% Hydration in 15 minutes, -19% wrinkles volume after 8 applications, -16% wrinkles depth after 8 applications

Basic Dermaplaning


Dermaplaning with Mask

Derma glow - 

Dermaplaning, Peel and Mask 

Derma Revitalising Glow -

Dermaplaning,  Peel, NCTF 135 Ha and mask

Derma Revitaslising Glow Pro

Dermaplaning, Peel, mesotherpy with NCFT HA via NanoSoft needle

Course 0f 3


Micro glow - 

Microneedling via pen with NCTF !35 HA

Course of 3

Micro Revitalising Glow -

Microneedling via pen, NCTF 135 HA & Mask 

Course Of 3

Chemical Peels, with NCTF 135 HA & Mask

Course of 4

Eye Revitalising Glow Treatment

Mesotherapy with NCTF 135 HA via Nanosoft needle & Eye-Recover Mask

Course of 4





























Price List For Advanced

Facials Treatments

Skin Perfusion 
Chemical Peel

A range of superficial chemical peels targeting skin quality enhancement and suitable for all skin types. Formulated with gluconolacctone, which is a 'new age' chemical used in peeling as it does not strip the skin of moisture. Instead helps to stimulate the renewal of the epidermis.

So unique that this is actually recommended to be combined with other treatments such as microneedling and mesotherapy